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SRM Powercontrol V & VI replacement battery

SRM Powercontrol V & VI replacement battery

Type: Nickel Metal Hydride. Voltage: 3.6 V. Capacity: 110 mAh.

Height: 26 mm. Diameter: 16 mm. Flex Length: 33 mm.

Price: 11.99. Postage and packing included.

Construction: 3 x NH-100H Ni-MH cells in green shrink wrap with short red and black flex.

Replaces: SRM Powercontrol V and SRM Powercontrol VI battery.

The cylindrical shaped 3NH-100H SRM Powercontrol V and SRM Powercontrol VI battery has been carefully manufactured to exactly mimic the original battery.

This flex comes pre-stripped and is exactly the required length.

An excellent on-line guide to replacing this battery has been produced by Phil McKnight and is available here......... Thank you Phil.

Changing this battery is not trivial and may invalidate your warantee. Unsure of your technical skills and prefer to leave your battery change to an expert? If so contact the UK SRM distributors here.............


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