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Hasselblad 500-EL, ELM, ELX Adapter

Name: ELM_Adapter_kit. 

Type: Adapter plus Nickel-Metal Hydride cells.

Contents: Kit contains 1 x ELM Adapter, 5 x NiMH AAA cell. Output Voltage: 6.0 V. Capacity: 800 mAh.

Length: 49.2 mm. Diameter: 33.9 mm.

Price: 64.00 each. 62.50 each if you buy two or more. Postage and packing included.

Emulates: NH5/320, NH5/700, Varta NiCd 5/600DKZ, Varta 5/V500RH, Hasselblad part number # 85448, Plainview Batteries PBI 500EL/ELX.

This adapter kit replaces the discontinued Varta battery used in the Hasselblad series of motor driven medium format cameras. The adapter and the original battery are shown sitting side by side in the picture above. The appropriate camera models are Hasselblad 500EL, Hasselblad 500ELM and Hasselblad 500ELX.

We occasionally stock batteries (though they have been unavailale for some time) but feel free to consider our NH5/750 Hassleblad ELM battery. Click here to find out more............

These adapter kits are a massive improvement on the original Ni-Cd batteries and on the Varta 5/V500RH. They last significantly longer than earlier batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry gives memory free operation and, being cadmium free, is environmentally friendly. Not suffering from the 'memory effect' means these batteries will continue to power your Hasselblad camera well into the future.

These Hasselblad adapter kits are designed to fit, and be charged on, your camera as before. There is no need to replace or upgrade your charger - which is just as well, as alternative chargers can be quite difficult to find.

For use with cameras such as:


HASSELBLAD 500 ELM ( 500 EL/M ), 


A warning about the cells needed for this adapter............

Most off-the-shelf AAA cells are fractionally too long for this adapter. Space is at an absolute premium in the adapter so we supply five cells that are the shortest on the market to accompany this kit.

In an emergency you can use five regular AAA NiMH cells or even five disoposable alkaline AAA cells. But beware - such cells will be too long, and it you tighten up the adapter lid fully then the adapter will break. If you are forced to use any other types of AAA cells be sure to lightly close the lid. Leave a small gap. Or better still - just don't do it. These adapters are beautiful and expensive pieces of equipment and it is better to give them only perfectly sized batteies. 

If you need a set of five compatible AAA cells, order them here...............

These Hasselblad EL, ELM, ELX adapters are to replace batteries such as:

Varta NiCd 5/600DKZ, 
Varta 5/V500RH,
Hasselblad part number # 85448,
Plainview Batteries PBI 500EL/ELX.

Instructions for use:

The cells in these Hasselblad adapter kits, in common with other NiMH batteries will reach their peak performance after three or four charge-discharge cycles.

Rollei flash guns such as the Rollei E34C, Rollei E34 and Rollei E34RE took a now discontinued 12V battery pictured here. Two of the  Hasselblad ELM adapter kits  in a stack are able to replace one Rollei battery.


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