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Replacement Battery (VP914L)

Type: Lithium-Ion. Voltage: 7.2 V. Capacity: 1,500 mAh.

Height: 70 mm. Width: 37.8 mm. Depth: 20.5 mm.

Price: 24.00. Postage and packing included.

Also replaces: Canon BP-911, BP-914, BP-915, BP-924, BP-927, BP-930, BP-941, BP-945. The Replacement Battery is an equivalent to many other batteries. Click here for details. 

This Replacement Lithium-Ion camcorder battery fits some Canon and Telefunken camcorders. 

CANON DMMV1, E1, E2, E808, ES20V, ES270, ES3000, ES4000, ES410V, ES50, ES5000, ES520A, ES55, ES600, ES6000, ES6500, ES7000, ES8000V, ES8100H, ES8100V, ES8200V, F1000A, G1000, G10Hi, G1500, G15Hi, G2000, G20Hi, G30Hi, G35Hi, GL1, GL2, H850, HI, MV1, MV10, MV200, MV200i, OPTURA, OPTURA/XL1, UC8000, UC8500, UC9500, UCV100, UCV10HI, UCV200, UCV20HI, UCV300, UCV30HI, UCX100, UCX1HI, UCX20HI, UCX2HI, UCX30HI, UCX40HI, UCX45HI, UCX50HI, UCX55HI, UCX65HI, UCX7HI, UCX8HI, ULTURA, V220, V32, V400, V40Hi, V420, V500, V50Hi, V520, V526, V60Hi, V65Hi, V72, VC1HI, VC10, VC15, VC16, VC20A, VC30A, VC40A, VC5HI, VISTURA, VME2, VME70, VME708, VME77, VME800H, VR30, VR40, VTLC50, XL1S, XL1, XL2, XM1, XV2, 



This Replacement battery comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


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